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Review: A Little Night Murder by J.S. Cook

A Little Night Murder by J.S. Cook
Title: A Little Night Murder
Author: J.S. Cook
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Reviewer: Monika
Buy Links: Publisher | Amazon | ARe
Genre: Historical
Type: Romance
Pairing: Gay
Length: Novel
Heat Rating: ♨♨♨


In 1942, Pearl Harbor has been bombed and the war is very much in evidence, but it would seem to have little to do with Frank Boyle, a respected Bronx born insurance investigator. He’s a man who can keep secrets, and no one suspects that his boyhood friend—local mob boss Nicky Brooks—is his lover. When Brooks accidentally kills Frank’s younger brother in a shootout, Frank must choose between his affair with Nicky and revenge for his brother’s life.

After Frank betrays Nicky, police detective Sam Lipinski, a Bronx native who has long carried a torch for Frank, makes a move against the mob and lands squarely in the way of Nicky’s plans. Sam smuggles Frank out of New York to keep him safe, and sets him up him in a small northeastern city. But there, a messy insurance investigation involving the Roarkes, who may or may not have killed their own mother for the insurance payout, places him in danger again. Dodging bullets, shady characters, and fallout from the war, Sam and Frank will need far more than luck on their side if they’re ever to see a loving future.


A Little Night Murder is a good story and I enjoyed reading it but something was missing for me and I don’t know what that something was. It starts out great, the story works, I liked the MC’s and all the secondary characters but unfortunately I never found myself connected to any of them.

It’s a historical about the mob and what happens when you get involved with them. It spans a couple of decades but the early years are told in flashbacks. Frankie Boyle is in hiding, he testified against his boss and lover Nicky Brooks after a shooting sanctioned by Nicky kills Frankie’s little brother. Frankie ends up in Newfoundland where he finds a pretty good life working as an insurance investigator until Nicky gets out and comes looking for Frankie.

When Nicky heads to Newfoundland to find Frankie, Frankie’s long time friend and sometimes lover Sam comes to Newfoundland to watch out for him….or so he’s led to believe. Sam is Frankie’s love interest but at a time where being gay can get you killed and Sam is somewhat unsure about how he feels and what to do about their relationship. Theirs isn’t an easy one but they do want to be together.

This story is full of mystery, intrigue and most of all revenge, there are twist and turns with a lot of ‘who done it’.  It’s well written and it moves at a good pace. The romance part is secondary but it works. Everything falls into place with this book and that makes it confusing to me as to why I didn’t fall in love with it. I did learn part way into the story that it’s part of a series and I wonder if reading the other two before this one would have made a difference.

It is a good read and I do recommend it for those that love to read historicals with a mysteries.