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Review: Positive by Tia Fielding

Positive by Tia Fielding
Title: Positive
Author: Tia Fielding
Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Reviewer: Jay
Buy Links: Publisher | Amazon | ARe
Genre: Contemporary
Type: Romance
Pairing: Gay
Length: Novel
Heat Rating: ♨♨♨♨


Even after a decade, the life that journalist Brent Walsh and Milwaukee homicide detective Shawn Mackey have made together is far from boring. But when a new case cuts a weekend getaway short, they aren’t quite prepared for how it will impact their personal lives. Suddenly there’s too much to juggle: Shawn will be working the case of the sharpshooter who is trying to infect random people with HIV, Brent needs to cover the story but fears a conflict of interest, one of Shawn’s colleagues is attracted to him, and Brent sincerely needs to mend the painful break with his childhood best friend, Ollie, and heal their broken hearts.

Though the case comes to a close, it’s not the end of their troubles. Shawn and Brent still face a past of old white lies, a present possibility of inviting another man to their bed, and a future with children, not to mention health issues and national fallout from the case. It’s enough to make them want to run away—until they realize they have to face those challenges head-on so they can get on with the life of love they’re hoping for.


Tia Fielding has written an engaging story about Love, the choices we make along with the ramifications, and the feeling of being wronged in some way.

Milwaukee Detective Shawn Mackey and his husband journalist Brent Walsh, have been together for years with the expectation of a short breakup that changed their lives forever. Ben Sutherland has lived his life with a prostitute for a mother and the resentment of being wronged.

The plot is really two fold. The lives of Shawn and Brent are intertwined with the despair that causes Ben to use blood tainted with the AIDS virus as a weapon.  Ben takes his frustration out by shooting individuals, that don’t see what they have, with darts filled with the tainted blood.  This hits home to Brent and Shawn who have been living theirs lives with the apprehension of spreading the virus that Brent contracted one drunken night during their breakup.

While there was definitely some holes in the plot I enjoyed this story along with the development of the characters.  The ups and downs shared by this guys led credibility to the story and it was engaging to see them work through them and come out stronger.  All of the characters were well developed including their sisters, Brent’s long time best friend Ollie, Shawn’s partner Ashley, narcotics officer Malik and shooter Ben. The wrapping up of Ben’s story by comparing it to Brent’s was very well done.  In the end the book gave the reader closure in an elegant manner.

All in all I would recommend this book.  It is not your typical love story, but the elements are there and these guys are an adorable couple who deal with the challenges of their lives quite well.