Where to look?

I’m here to tell you what you’ll see from this site and in addition to it, I’ll share a couple links where you are able to request to have your book review, where you can request to do a guest blog post (blog tour included), and contact me for anything.

This site is all about old reviews that had been reviewed in the year of 2013. It had been categorized as much as possible and hopefully you wouldn’t have any issue looking up the old reviews from this site.

As of right now, http://sean-norris.com is no longer in use. It had been removed and I’ve set it automatically redirected from http://sean-norris.com to brand new review site: http://www.wodfreview.com.

Currently reviews can be found at http://www.wodfreview.com.

To request to have your book review: http://www.wodfreview.com/book-review-request.html.

To request to do a guest blog (or blog tour): http://www.wodfreview.com/blog-tour-request.html

Any general question, you can contact by using this form: http://www.wodfreview.com/general-questions.html or email us at WoDFReview(at)gmail(dot)com.

I hope this post help lessen the confusion as it may have for some of you. :) Oh, to make another decision– I’ve decided to disable comments for this archive blog only but at the current review, the comments are open. :)


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